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Key to Asking in Prayer

"The true way to ask is to come unto the consciousness of the acceptance of that which you desire. For when you ask in an attitude of lack, your prayer will be answered in an attitude of lack. This is how you get such limited blessings. When you perceive yourself to be lacking in something, it is because you have not lifted your consciousness to the awareness that you already have it.

…If I am standing here telling you that it is not a good thing to ask God, not a correct thing to do, then what does one do when you perceive there to be a lack of something in one’s life? Go back to the resounding tone, that pure, clear, harmonic sound that is you and the Father being one.

…I hear all your thoughts, ‘I don’t know how to do that. I can’t do that.’ You can because you do it all the time, only you just don’t know you are doing it. When you lift your awareness to the highest level you are capable of at this point of your evolution, there is an aspect of your Spirit that touches into that clear bell-like silver tone. Even though you are not consciously aware, there is a silver sliver of it permeating down through the many layers of consciousness you have created, down into your consciousness to spear your heart into awareness.

…First of all, the fact that you desire it is the awakening within you of this idea that you already have it. So, what would appear in your perceptions to be lack are really the birth pains of the fulfillment of it; for if you did not desire it, you would not call it unto yourself.

Know you the billions of things you allow to pass you by every moment of your existence because you have not called them forth? They simple go on past you, streams of them go on past you! When you perceive you have a need, it is that aspect of your inner-self that is aware of the fulfillment and is drawing it to you. Where you get confused is you get locked into the idea of the don’t-haves. You perceive something as being absent instead of being on its way in manifestation to you. If you are unaware of it, how could you desire it? You couldn’t. You wouldn’t know enough to. So the very fact that you desire something is the calling of it to you to be made manifest in your life.

When you perceive a lack, instead of going to the Father and saying, ‘Please let me have…!’ Oh, you all do it! You would say unto the Father, ‘I rejoice in Your presence that You have brought to my attention this wonderous blessing that is manifesting for me and I thank You for it.’ And you become joyful in it! I promise you, it will materialize for you.

What happens when you perceive a need is that you get locked into the need aspect and do not get past it, so the need keeps repeating and repeating and repeating and all you get is need."

07/30.2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, PRAYER & MEDITATION Audio Lesson. Copyright 2002 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To buy this audio lesson, go to www.sacredgardenfellowship, at top right click on MORE, then click on SHOP ONLINE and scroll down to this audio lesson.

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