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Instrument of Love

“Prayer is the sounding of that voice of the Child unto God, the parent. It is that sound that is the bell clarity, the harmony, the silver tone that goes out unto limitlessness, eternity. It is a transforming sound, for once having been heard, it is never, ever, forgotten. And having experienced that sound within the very fiber of your being, it transforms the mental body of you and takes it out of its doubt, out of its turmoil, out of its confusion, and brings it into the knowing. The intellect is aroused, touched, and transformed. The thoughts that are coming to you are no longer beleaguered, but rather come in their clarity to you as pure ideas.

The sound then touches and resonates through the feeling nature of you, which is the love of God brought into ‘form.’ It transforms your emotional body and brings it up out of its emotions into its feeling nature so that what you feel is the pure love of God which you then recognize as your love for whatever and whomever. In that recognition you gather the love of others, of the world, and of God who pours it forth through all creation. You gather it and it is pulled to you. It is wrapped around you and you are loved.

This love cannot be held by you or contained unto only yourself, for love is limitless and it will flow out without any effort on your part. It will go through you, out into your world, and touch into that note which is in all people everywhere around your world. You become that instrument of love and everything you do – it matters not if it is holding a child or sweeping your floor – is love out-pictured. It will be felt, it will be known, and it will be taken in.

Love then comes into the physical form and touches into the cells of your body and transforms all. ‘Perfect love casteth out fear,’ so the cells of your form that have been programmed into fear of illness and fear of death are transformed. They are no longer held in bondage unto it and you now are perfect health. You do not have perfect health, you are perfect health. Then you are perfect love and perfect mind, for this note with its silver spear has pierced all of the veils of your being and you have become that which you ever have been.

Participant: Is it correct that when we love what we are doing, we are just being and we don’t have to know this is prayer?

Gabriel: You know it because it is that pureness that you will not cast off. You cannot not know it. You cannot not feel it. You are aware. This is how everything you do becomes a prayer.

Re: The Bell-Like Tone

Gabriel: ...Only you can know your sound. Another could not give it unto you… the very sound of it is particular to your Spirit... You know when you are in tune. It is not in the physical ears. There is no physical sound that you could make that would be like it.”

8/21/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, PRAYER & MEDITATION, Pgs. 54-58. Copyright © 2002 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To buy this book, please contact:

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