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Importance of Meditation

“Meditation cannot be known by the physical body. True meditation cannot be known by the emotional body. It is totally beyond the mental body. It is nothing that you will bring in a conscious way and judge on any of those levels, for true meditation takes you beyond anything that the physical, emotional or mental body could offer you. Meditation is not a thought, for you are beyond thought. It is not a feeling, for you are beyond feeling. It certainly is of nothing of the physical body. You are totally unaware of your body. Even if you were to be in pain, you would be unaware of it.

It is that moment when you are past all of the illusions that you live every day and it takes you beyond anything of the five senses, beyond anything of your feeling nature, beyond anything of your thought pattern. It is the emancipator. It is that which sets you free and brings you into your totalness.

Now, once having reached that state – with few exceptions, all of you here have at one point or another – when you return to your bodies, you bring back with you not a memory, for a memory is an illusion, but a knowing. And I cannot tell you what that is like because you do not have any words that would adequately describe it, and I refuse to mislead you by saying it is something it is not. But you bring back with you that essence of is-ness and it touches into the mental body and in so doing, it quickens the mind. It draws the mind’s attention away from that which is lesser than itself, which would be the emotional body and the physical body, and causes it to be colored, as it were, by that essence of divinity and in so doing, broadens your knowingness.

Now then, it filters into the emotional body of you. While it is in your mental body, it takes away anxiety, fear, confusion, the feeling of ‘I don’t know what to do,’ that feeling of indecision. All of these things become lesser because they are not a truth and that which you have brought back with you is truth – pure, crystal truth – and so it has to eliminate that which is non-truth.

Now it comes into the emotional body. At that point, it takes away the illusion of separateness because the feeling of being separated is what causes your emotional pain. It is that which causes you to feel alone – loneliness, abandonment, bereft of any form of comfort. Anybody here not been there?

As it comes into that emotional body, it brings with it the profound feeling of acceptance, and that acceptance is born of you. You no longer concern yourself as to whether you are accepted by another. You know you are accepted by God and you accept yourselves because you are the only one who cannot accept yourself. It is impossible for another to not accept you; they are not you. So any feeling of rejection that you project out onto another is your rejection of yourself, and you perceive it to come from another person.

Now this that reaches down into your emotional body heals that feeling, for then you become aware of a profound sense of love and you perceive that profound sense of love as being within yourself. And guess who you love the most? You.

Now it comes down into the physical body and it heals the cells and the molecules of that body, for all that healing is, is the acceptance of divine love in every portion of your being.

Now each time you meditate, you do this. Each time you go through these – releasing the body, releasing the feelings, releasing the mind – and going into that center of sacredness that is you, when you bring your awareness back into your three-dimensional world, you have been transformed.”

- Archangel Gabriel, INTRODUCTION TO PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY, The Importance of Meditation, June 6, 1993, Pgs. 151-153. Copyright © 2017 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved.

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