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Energy - Good or Bad

“Now energy, by its very nature, is very benign. It is not… it does not have a mind of its own. In other words, it goes… energy will always follow thought and will express itself according to the thought that pulled it in. …Your mind is a magnetic structure and it will draw to it the energy needed to …express the thought that you are creating.

Now, if that thought be one of love or some benevolent caring nurturing thing, then that energy that comes forth in that thought will be what you termed to be a blessing. But if that thought that you are holding is of a negative nature, whether it be directed at yourself or at another or an object or whatever, then the energy that goes into that thought is transformed by the thought and will manifest itself in a negative way. Are you with me so far?

This is why we teach you to change your thinking, if you want to change the results in your life, because energy is very easily transformed. It is transformed instantly just by the changing of your thought.

Now I want to give another example concerning something that happened with Beloved Woman. This is some years, by your time, back when I first came to her. It was a cold winter night. She had left her little chapel and went out to get into her mode of transportation to go home and it, the mode of transportation, would not start. Well, her thought was, I shall go back into the building, and I shall call my brother and he will come, and he will start it for me, and I shall go home. And I said to her, ‘Beloved Woman, why do you do that?’ And she said, ‘Well, I can’t sit here and freeze!’ And I said, ‘Well indeed not then I’d have no channel.’ But anyway, I said to her, ‘Why do you not start it by yourself?’ And she said, ‘Because I do not know how!’ I said, ‘Beloved Woman, if you were God and you wanted to go somewhere in this mode of transportation, what would you do with it?’

She thought for a minute, she said, ‘I probably simply command it to go.’ And I said, ‘Then do that!’ And she said, what was her phrase? ‘Oh, yeah, right!’ That was her phrase. I said, ‘Well you can do it two ways. You can do it the hard way, go call your brother and let him come, and so forth and so on, or you can do it the easy way!’

While she sat there, and she thought about it for a little bit. And she said, ‘Can I really do that?’ I said, ‘Do you think you can?’ She said, ‘But I don’t know.’ I said, ‘Don’t try it until you know you can.’ So, she sat there for a little bit more and she said, ‘I can do this.’ Then she commanded the automobile to begin, and it did, and she was so excited about that, ‘Oh, I did it… I did it… I did it… I really did it.’

Now, if she had started… if she had tried to do it when she was in her state of doubt, then the energy she would have brought into her thought would have caused her to fail. But she sat there until she had herself in a positive state and then she did it.

Now this is true of anything! When you are about to begin something that you desire good results from, do it in a positive frame of mind. If you are tired or beleaguered or do not feel confident, then leave it be until those feelings pass. And until you feel and know it in yourself that you CAN do it, because the energy that you pour into it… is going to be …affected by your attitude of what you are doing.

I am sure that you have all the results of trying to do something…when you were in a very bad frame of mind. It didn’t work and you said, ‘Well, I should have known better. I should have known that it wasn’t going to work!’ Well, it didn’t work because you knew it wouldn’t but when you have that positive, ‘I can do this!’ attitude, then you can know that what you are endeavoring will have positive results. They will always be as good as, or better, than as you first conceived them to be.

But, when you begin something when you are tired, or you are beleaguered by something else or you don’t feel confident, this then is when the energy that comes in is transformed by your thoughts into a negative energy and it will pour out to you exactly the negative effect that your feeling nature has put in it.

Energy is neither good nor bad, it simply is. And how it is used and the results thereof determines whether it is what, as you term, is good or bad. Two people can take the exact same energy and do two opposite things with it. A good example would be that energy that is poured into certain kinds of healing mechanisms that allow people to live better lives when they have physical ailments or that same energy can be poured into making a bomb to blow people away!

The energy is the same! It is good or bad determined by the thought of the person using it.”

11/19/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, YOUR AURA, September 24, 1994, Pg. 28-32. Copyright © 2023 Sacred Garden Fellowship. All rights reserved.

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