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Death & Dying to the Old Ways

"When you ‘die’ to old ways, it frequently becomes a matter of sorrow. You feel you have lost something that could never be replaced and your mourning is deep and sometimes long. That which you are dying to has been with you a very long time and you perceive it to be a part of you. It isn’t, but you perceive it to be. When you sense that the old way is leaving you forever, you will mourn its absence. You will long to have it come back and you will perceive that you cannot be comforted unless it returns to you.

However, that is the illusion that is connected with death, for death is not a loss. You perceive it to be so, but it isn’t. Death is the illusion given to transformation. When something or someone is transformed to a higher level, something has to be left behind and it is the leaving behind that ignites the feeling of grief.

You have spent eons creating the illusion of death. When that illusion dissolves, your fear becomes very great. ‘What will I do without death? How will I know to be without it? What will become of me if I let something go? What will become of you, beloveds? You step into Light and you become more!

What you perceive you have lost is transformed into a glory that is set ahead of you on your path. You come into this glory and you recognize it, not as that which you lost, but as that which you have found because it is without its illusion, its pain, its separation.

You never let go of anything that you love. It comes around and stands before you to be embraced and loved, never as a thing of pain, but as a joy that you have not yet tasted. Every illusion you have has a basic truth. Every sacrifice that you think you have made awaits you as a gift on your path to be presented to you in its truth – not as you thought you left it, but, in a joyous moment of recognition, you behold your creation in the beauty of it. Death is only the turning of a page, the turning of a wheel. That which leaves returns over and over again. Each time it returns, it is lifted up and it becomes more.

There are those of you here who have said to me, ‘You taught us that what we love becomes more. How can we believe that when sometimes what we love appears to go from us?’ Beloveds, it is in the going from you that it is allowed to become more, so that when it awaits you on your path again, it is more than it was before. The love you feel was wrenched from you is given back a thousandfold.

Could the God of all good give you sorrow? Would He ask you to give up a beloved so that He might take him away from you? No. He polishes him up; He allows his light to shine; and He gives him back to you, more blessed than before, more lovable than before, more valuable than before. This is death, that’s all it is. It is the transforming of that which can no longer serve into that which can.”

08/13/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, PRAYER & MEDITATION audio lesson. Copyright 2002 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. Photo by Kathryn Romani. To purchase this audio lesson, go to, click on MORE at the top right, click on Shop Online and scroll down to the audio lesson.

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