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Dealing with Difficult People

"Now, those of you who are dealing with difficult people, and some of you here are, you cannot bend their will. "'Tis not right for you to do so. But you can address the Lord God of them. who is their knowingness, just as the Lord God of you is your knowingness, and you say to them, "I send you love and I draw you forth into your fullness, and I know that you will manifest in the beauteousness of the spirit within."

Now, you do this again and again. You bathe that entity in the light. And you will see a change , for the Lord God of them will never lead them astray, for the Lord God of them is truth, just as the Lord God of you is every truth. All of you are great and wonderous lights of truth. All of you! But you forget and you lapse back into the anger and the struggle and the strife and the chaffing against each other, and yourselves!

Know you who your biggest enemy be? Yourself! It is the ego of you who says you cannot or you are not good enough or all of the negative things. Oh, so that ego sometimes says to you, "I am better than so-and-so," or "I am too good for this or that." Now, knowing the Lord God of your being and thinking you are too good for something is two different things and is not at all on the same line of thought. Loving yourself and being egotistical is also not on the same line of thought.

Now, using this power of your thinking, you can bless your earth, bless your water, bless your atmosphere. Envision this clear and beauteous as it was created and it will become so. It will become so.

Begin with you, however, begin with your thinking. Learn to use it every moment. Oh, it is hard, for you have had eons of time in which you have labored under the illusion that you have created, but you can do it. Even you, beloved woman,. Even you. All of you!"

- Archangel Gabriel, I AM GABRIEL, BOOK 2, 1988, pgs. 190-191'

Copyright © 2016 Rev, Penny Donovan. All rights reserved.

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