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Compassion for Yourself

If you are not compassionate within yourself for you, you will find it extremely difficult to be compassionate for another. The reason for this is because compassion is not something you have experienced. And because you have not experienced it, you cannot relate to it. So, if you want to show compassion to someone else, you must first be very compassionate to yourself.

...To be compassionate toward yourself requires a lot of discernment. This is why discernment occurs before compassion. ...As you come to recognize the difference between the [voice of God versus the] voice of the ego, which can be very soothing - Everyone thinks the ego attacks them. Well it does, but not ferociously, it attacks subtly - The God of you, that voice will only say loving, encouraging, constructive, and uplifting things to you. Anything else is the voice of the ego.

...I want you to think of times in your life when you have shown compassion for yourselves... times when you extracted yourselves from painful situations because you realized, 'I don't need this anymore... I am not doing anything good for me staying here...' It could have been in the union of marriage, a 'job' as you call it , or a situation with a friend. It doesn't matter. Anytime you have taken yourself out of pain, you have shown compassion for yourself.

...Compassion for oneself and revenge for another sometimes 'wear the same dress.' The difference is: compassion for yourself never injures another. ...But i want you to think about decisions you have made in your life that someone told you caused them great pain. ...Now I want to ask you something. What aspect of you has the power to wound another? ...Actually none; [no aspect of you has the power to wound another.] All wounds are self-inflicted. See how easily you were led into the trap of being blamed, huh? ...A well placed word here or there, and right away, you're guilty, hah?

This is how subtly the ego works - especially when it comes to compassion. ...You cannot harm another. When you perceive you are harming another, you can know what? ...ii is the ego at work. Somewhere along the way, the other person agreed to be wounded, Now, you want to remember that. This is where discernment comes in, aye? ”

04/23/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, GETTING TO KNOW YOUR SOUL, Pgs. 63-65. Copyright © 2004 Springwell Metaphysical Studies. All rights reserved. To buy this book, please click here.

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