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Cleansing Your Subconscious

"Did everyone here envision their enemy? This exercise (MANIFESTING, pgs. 60-63) that I have just given you is something you can do, and should do, every day on your own for two weeks of your time, because your enemies are going to rally around, as it were. and come back again to convince you that you aren't rid of them after all. It takes about two weeks of your time of steadily doing this every day to completely rid your subconscious, for the subconscious is a rather devious thing, it hides away a lot of stuff that it doesn't let you see right away.

Some days your enemy will take the form of your parents, an old lover, an old employer. Sometimes it will take the form of a childhood incident. Sometimes it will take the form of you. But regardless of what form it takes, do the same thing. See it as vaporous and a nothingness because that is what it is.

In cleansing yourselves of your internal enemy, you will get various responses each time you do it. Sometimes you will simply fall asleep, and you won't remember anything, and that's alright because while you are sleeping, your Higher Self is greatly at work cleansing things out. Some of you will come to tears. Some of you will come to a sense of relief. Some of you will become very angry, resentful. Some of you will decide you're not going to do this foolishness again. But I ask you to stay with it, because each day is going to bring you better and better results.

...This meditation that I have shared with you is a great cleansing one. It is a gently cleansing one, but it is also a very profound cleansing one, for in its innocence is its power. It appears to be a light and fluffy thing, but it is also a deep, cleansing thing, and if you allow it - through your practice of it - it will clean out every nook and cranny of your subconscious mind of every negative thing. It's something you can use at any time in your life for any reason whatsoever.

It will bring back into your awareness memories that you have long forgotten, that you perceive would have been the source of pain for you. If you persist in using it over a period of time, You will have come to grips with not only this lifetime, but the dredges of other lifetimes as well... But you will come face-to-face with every form of unacceptableness that you have ever imagined about yourself. And you notice I used the word 'imagined' because it is only in your imagination that you have committed all these awful things you think, or that anyone else has either. It is also your wonderful imagination that is going to bring into manifestation the world that you want to live in, your world."

12/11/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, MANIFESTING, Pgs. 63-65. Copyright © 2019 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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