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One of the few things that people don’t like to do is to do things for themselves. You work very hard for someone else. You will go to the ends of the earth for someone else, but you don’t take the time to eat properly, get enough rest, or allow yourself time for meditation and prayer. You don’t allow yourself time for vacations, doing things that make you have fun. You do all of these things for someone else, but you don’t do them for you. When you find yourself in those situations, then you can know that you are not honoring or respecting yourself and that means that you are not loving yourself…

Now let me tell you something. Finding the time, having the money, not ready yet, those are all words of the ego. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. When you are ready to accept a change for the better, the money will be there and you will find the time. Those are all things that happen automatically when you love yourself enough - ‘when you love yourself enough to give the very best’ again and again, over and over.

It isn’t a one-time thing. How many times have you said, ‘I am going to give myself this vacation, this one thing. If I never do anything else for myself, I am going to do this?’ That is not the proper attitude. You should say, ‘I am going to give myself this wonderful vacation and if I really have the good time I think I will have, I will do it again next year.’

Never put conditions on yourself. That is one way of expressing self-loathing, to put conditions upon yourself. ‘Well, I will get another automobile after I do thus and so.’ Or, ‘I will look for a better job after I do thus and so.’ Or, ‘I will make changes later.’

If you are aware that a change is needed, that is the time you make it. You don’t always put off your good. How many of you ask God for something and then you say, ‘Well, I really would like You to grant me thus and so. But before You do that, I really ought to get this and this done and then You could grant me that. But not until I do this and this…’

When you ask God for something, God assumes you want it as soon as possible. He doesn’t put it on hold or say, ‘Well, now I have to think about that. Back in Jerusalem you did an awful thing!’ God says, ‘That person is asking for a blessing with a great deal of faith, let’s have the blessing come forth.’

Now what happens? You see this blessing coming at you, ‘Oh, I asked God for thus and so and here it comes. I am not ready. I don’t have the money. I haven’t the time. Oh no, why would this happen to me now of all times?’ Haven’t done that, have you?

When you see a blessing come at you, open your arms and take it in because you asked for it and you are getting it. Don’t reason it away. Don’t say, ‘Well, next year is going to be better for me.’ When it comes, take it in because when you ask for something, you get it just like that (snaps fingers). ‘Ah, well, I don’t know. I asked God for thus and so two years ago. I haven’t gotten it yet.’ Why do you think you haven’t got it yet…?

When you have asked God for something and it hasn’t happened and time goes by and you keep asking and it still doesn’t happen, then you know that on some level you really don’t want it. Now don’t forget. Your intent is known to God… Open your heart and allow the blessing in and it will manifest and that holds true for every single one of you. When you open your heart to love, when you allow yourself to be loving, when you allow yourself to be loved…”

- Archangel Gabriel, KARMA AND LOVE, October 1, 1999, Pgs. 22-25. Copyright © 1999 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. Photo 47877305 © Nikki Zalewski |

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