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Being One With Yourself

The only person you can ‘save’ is yourself. Personal devotion to spiritual advancement can only be done for oneself. Prayers for the world help lift the consciousness but it is the personal advancement of each person that will transform the world.

Your job is to teach truth by example. Do this and Miracles will appear. Strive for miracles and they will never occur. Mighty acts of power come through gentle living of the spirit. Do not seek for your power, rather seek for truth with love and you will find that truth and love hold power in their hands. At-one-ment with your Self will show you this.

The only one you ever have dominion over is yourself. One must use the power of the Tao* with great care and discernment. A foolish act once perpetrated cannot be retrieved.

Bearing all things in mind one must trust the Tao to go where it is needed. At-one-ment with Self will show you the Tao, discernment will show you its direction. Once the direction is known one either aligns oneself with it to add power, or one refrains to prevent interference. Either way one must know the direction of the Tao.

So, three most important lessons are:

Being at one with your Self.

Using your intuition.

Using discernment.

*The Tao is the beneficent flow of Life, the action of God.

- Nq-on Kar, June 23, 2002, BEING ONE WITH YOURSELF

Copyright © 2002 Rev. Penny Donovan and Donald Gilbert. All rights reserved.

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