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Being A True Healer

"Being truth means you recognize all of those exrternal worlds, and you also know that you have the power to not partake of it. You can observe it. You can dally around with it a little bit, but you are not it. You are more than that.

Being aware of anything of a lesser nature has everything to do with your ability to heal because to be a true healer you have to go beyond anything of a lesser nature. You cannot allow the appearances of someone who comes to you for a healing to be a detriment to your knowingness as to whether or not they can be healed. You cannot allow someone else's opinion to cause you to falter in what you know. You cannot allow anything going on in your life to appear to be bigger than what you are going to do.

...You have to be able to be centered in your goal of being the vessel of healing that nothing going on in your life, nothing, interferes with that. If you want to pick up your worries and problems after you do a healing, go ahead. But while you are there to do that healing, you are there to do that healing and nothing must interfere.

When you are so centered in the healing, the power of the healing flows into the person sitting in the chair. Most people who sit in the chair are very fixed on what's wrong with them as opposed to what's right with them. Your ability to be centered and to be truth influences them. It helps them to let go and relax into what is happening to them.

The levels of energy that come into you when you are doing healing are never the same two times in a row. If you were to do three healings in a row, each of those healings would have a little different energy or a different variation of the healing energy depending on the person in the chair. It depends on whether the person in the chair has physical problems, an emotional problem, a mental problem, or maybe a combination of all of them. Regardless, the energy of your centeredness makes way for the energy of the healing. The clearer you become, the more powerful the healing energy which comes through you. That is true with everything.

For some people who sit in the chair, the energy has to be tempered because they can't take in the power of a full-blown healing. Oddly enough, neither can any of you. ...It requires experience for a healer to be totally open so that the full power of healing can come through. In addition to experience, it requires absolute trust that the Father knows what He's doing. There is not a person in this room who doesn't think s/he could give the Father a little advice now and then. It is His work. His power. His truth."

08/20/2023 Blog. Master Yeshua, HEALING AND THE HEALER'S JOURNEY, October 26, 2008, Pgs. 8-10. Copyright © 2008 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. Photo by Kathryn Romani.

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