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Asking for Something

"Questioner: You have told us that when we ask for something that we want, we should ask the Father for it and thank him for it as if we already have it.

Gabriel: Oh, but you do, indeed.

Questioner: Is that true of everything that we want? We already have it.

Gabriel: Indeed, you do. It is a matter of your tuning your consciousness into it. In other words, everything the Father has, he gladly always gives it to you. But if you are not aware that he has given it to you, you don't see it. So, the thing is, when you ask for something and you say, 'Thank you Father, that I have it,' that is shifting your vision so that you see that it is already there.

Questioner: Is it your orientation?

Gabriel: Indeed, and then you become aware of it. Thank God always for what you are asking.

Questioner: Then it diverts the energy from yearning?

Gabriel: To satisfaction.

Questioner: Satisfaction. Being present to what is there.

Gabriel: The only source of unhappiness in your world is desire for something that you perceive you do not have. When you shift your consciousness to realize you already have it, it will manifest for you."

09/10/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, DISENTANGLEMENT & DISCERNMENT, Pgs. 31-32. Copyright © 2016 Sacred Garden Fellowship. All rights reserved.

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