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Answer to Your Prayers

"Nonetheless, the point is that your prayers are always answered. When you ask for things of an Earthly nature, they are always answered from the confines of the bubble of the Soul of you because therein lies your perception. It is from your perceptions of what you need or want that you draw to you the answers to your prayers. If you want to go past the experiences recorded in the Soul of you, then you must:

  1. go into the Spirit of you.

  2. recognize who you are,

  3. recognize that everything that the Father has is already yours, and

  4. there, in the Spirit of you, lift yourselves into a mode of acceptance. In the acceptance of the desires of your heart, you will find that they [your desires] will manifest. It is a matter of accepting what you desire and nothing less.

God does not give you a stone when you have asked for bread, nor does He send you a serpent when you have asked for a fish. If something lesser than what you desire presents itself to you, then you know that your prayers are being answered. You know this because the manifested form itself indicates you have begun the vibrational pull of drawing to you that which you desire. Initially, you will draw to you that which is of your lesser beliefs. As you persist in holding to your ideal of what you desire, each presentation to you will be better and better until, at last, in your knowingness, you know you have manifested for yourself that which is the true desire of your heart."

06/02/2024 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, GETTING TO KNOW YOUR SOUL, Pgs. 58-59. Copyright © 2004 Springwell Metaphysical Studies. All rights reserved. To buy this book, please click here

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