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Angels of Destruction

"I told you before that angels have a tremendous amount of power within the realm of their calling, and the Angels of Destruction are no less powerful than Michael or any of the rest of us. When you have a blockage within you that needs to be removed, you can call upon the Angels of Destruction to come and remove it. But be prepared to have it removed indeed. And be prepared to rebuild instantaneously that which you desire to have in its place.

Now, all of you here have blockages built up to your highest good. As I told you, some of you it manifests in ill health, others in lack of finances, and so on and so forth... Now, you are in the situation you are in because you have built a blockage to the abundance of the Father God, His ability to give to you, your ability to receive.

Some of you have blockages in communication. Even though you are great communicators with other people, you have very little communication within your home realm, and you have a blockage there that very much needs to be looked upon and dealt with.

Some of you here have a blockage between you and society, regarding society as your enemy; someone is out to get you.

Some of you here cannot seem to accept a perfectly whole and healthy body.

Some of you cannot accept love poured out to you and choose a road that causes you to love in vain, as it were, to pour forth love and not have it returned unto you.

Some of you here have chosen the road of disharmony in order that you might learn perfect harmony, and you have taken it unto your abode.

Whatever it could be, it matters not. You can call upon the Angels of Destruction and they will come and assist.

Now, the first thing you must be willing to do is to let go of the blockage, and you would be amazed at the number of you here to whom your blockage is a great comfort, for it allows you to weep and to pour self-pity out upon yourselves and to wallow in your distress...

Now, are you willing to accept the love of God poured out upon you in blessings? Are you willing to let go of the error perception of the cities within which you dwell? Are you willing to accept the outpouring of abundance in all its forms into your lives - abundance of love, of communication, of understanding, of harmony, of peace, of financial security, of joy in the spirit of your beingness?

Now if you feel, on any level, that you are not deserving of the very highest, then I urge you NOT to do what I am going to tell you because it will bring you sorrow because it will take from you that which you revel in: your limitation.

The Angels of Destruction do not reason the why of it. They do not reason what you will do with it afterwards.They do not reason the cause of its presence. They merely are aware of the object to be destroyed and the power of your request that it be destroyed. So do not expect that they will destroy it and then come around and say, 'Are you happy or shall I do it differently?' because they will not. They will come and they will do it in a twinkling.

Now for those of you who have a blockage to health, this is based upon your idea that pain is suffering and suffering is what you deserve. And you think you deserve it because you are wretched in the sight of God. And you are not. You are beloved of God. Some of you are choosing not to see what is in front of you, but rather to bear with silence that which distresses you the most. 'And if I do not look at it perhaps it will go away.' Do you know my words?

...None of you here - none of you here - need to live as you are living."

10/2/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, ANGELS, SPIRIT GUIDES & OTHER BEINGS, Pgs. 82-85. Copyright © 2017 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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