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A Good Earth Experience

When you have asked God for something and it hasn’t happened and time goes by and you keep asking and it still doesn’t happen, then you can know that on some level you really don’t want it.

Now don’t forget. Your intent is known to God. I am assuming that this that you are asking for would be a great blessing, would it not? Not just for yourself but for others as well. I have just one thing to say. Open your heart and allow the blessing in and it will manifest and that holds true for every one of you. When you open your heart to love, when you allow yourself to be loving, when you allow yourself to be loved -

You are all quite good at loving, but when it comes back at you, then you panic. Everyone in this room is afraid of being loved for one reason. You think you are going to get hurt. You think you are going to get hurt because it goes right back to this guilt and punishment thing. Get out of there. Get up into the love and the forgiveness.

When you love, love comes back. When you forgive, you are forgiven. Now the only one who doesn’t forgive you is you. I have taught you this before that as you forgive others, that forgiveness comes right back to you. I don’t care what anyone has told you. I don’t care what your experiences of the past have been. Let them go and walk into love.

Self-respect and treating yourself well are two of the finest ways that you can lift up yourself to the point where you are not worried or concerned… Now all of you have two levels in which you work. One is your higher self and that higher self truly has no worries or concerns, absolutely none, not a one. When you are in that mode, when you have made that connection, you truly have no worries or concerns. Then you drop down a level and you get into the concerns. Then you drop down a little further and you get worried. Then if you go lower, you get fearful and if you want to go lower than that, you get terrified.

But staying up there with your higher self and truly knowing that God takes care of everything, always has, does now, always will, and loving yourself, respecting yourself, and allowing yourself to be joyful, that is the key of having a really good earth experience. Why would you not want to have a good earth experience? Really, to what benefit is it for you to punish yourself? For what crime? Absolutely none. Absolutely none.

- Archangel Gabriel, KARMA AND LOVE, October 1, 1999, Pgs. 24-26

Copyright © 1999 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved.

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Wonderful! Just what I needed to hear today. I am uplifted. Thank you!

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