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Your Soul

"You have the same soul, incarnation after incarnation, you don't change souls. So if you wanted to go back into your soul and to a particular lifetime, you can do that. There's not too much benefit to it, but you can do that. Anything that you need to know of your past, your personal past - good, bad or indifferent - is recorded in your soul and you can access that. Now there is a method to accessing your soul. You can't just say, 'Soul, tell me something,' because that doesn't work. You have to tune in to your soul and you can do that if you become very still and that is your intent, to just close your eyes and in the stillness take in what is shown to you. And it will be shown to you... Any of the five senses will be activated by the soul, whatever will bring the information to you most directly. That will come to you."

8/7/2022 Blog. Master Yeshua, LAYERS & ASPECTS OF GOD, Pg. 25. Copyright 2018 Rev. Penny Donovan and Donald Gilbert. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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