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This is Life

"Now, this is life. Life may challenge you for a moment, but you persevere. You stay with it. And when you do, you become airborne. Life will leap for you and take you where you desire to be. It will take you to magical, wonderful places when you allow it to do so.

And that comes back to... the A-personality and the B-personality. A-personalities expect the horse to leap the creek and climb the hill. They expect life to take them where they want to go, and it doesn't occur to them that life will not obey. B-type people hope that life will take them where they want to be, and if the horse doesn't want to cross the creek, then Type-B people will not get across the creek. They will sit there and say, 'Well, evidently, this is God's will.'

Now, life is like a spirited horse and you are its rider. You can make it go where you want it to when you have that enthusiasm that is fed with inspiration, and you look for inspiration and you expect and you use the enthusiasm. That's like pressing your heels into the horse's side and saying, 'We're going there.'

But when you say, 'Well, I would like to go over there, but if I can't, it's alright. I'll stay here and just be miserable. But that's God's will.' No. it's not. God has never, ever willed you to be miserable in any way, under any conditions, for any purpose whatsoever. Never. Never.

So, do you take charge of your life or do you let life take charge of you? Are you willing to bring in your enthusiasm? Are you willing to do that? Are you? Ha-ha-ha. I see these little thoughts saying,'I'm willing, I just hope it doesn't do this or do that. I'm willing except for one part; one part I don't want disturbed.' Or "I'm willing, but I know he or she isn't going to be so...' Now, we're not going to deal with he's or she's. We're not going to deal with fear thoughts. We are going to deal with enthusiasm and the willingness to let life take you where you want to be. Is it in you to do it? Indeed, it is. Indeed, it is.

... The people who make the difference, are the people who are the riders of the horse, who take charge of their lives, and who know that life is going to take them where they set the direction.

9/18/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, MANIFESTING, Pgs. 201-202. Copyright © 2019 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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