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The Soul of Mother Earth

"All living things have a soul, including Mother Earth. The soul is a complex thing. It is not a simple recorder of events - that is one aspect of the soul - bu the soul, like its Creator, has many layers and each layer serves a purpose. There is a layer, for example, on Mother Earth. The very lowest level, the basic level, is the one that records historical events of violence. It also records the happenings that occur to the wildlife, to plant life, to all living things as it happens to them on her, on the earth. The next layer up on Mother Earth records the emotional and feeling nature of all living things on the earth - and yes, plants and animals have an emotional and a mental cognizant - and on up to the spiritual where it records what are the experiences of the Spirit, of the livingness of Mother Earth, of the plant life, animal life, and so on. ...The animal souls also record in a similar way."

06/01/2023 Blog. Master Yeshua, LAYERS & ASPECTS OF GOD, Pg. 24. Copyright © 2018 Rev. Penny Donovan and Donald Gilbert. Photo by Sherry Snook. All rights reserved.

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