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The Christ Within

Archangel Gabriel closed most of his channeled lessons with a beautiful and inspiring prayer. These were compiled into the book “And So It Is.” Today’s daily quote – on Christmas - is a prayer offered by Archangel Gabriel at the conclusion of the lesson entitled “The Christ Within.”

Dear Father,

my prayer this night for these, Thy beloveds,

is that they have taken upon themselves this season,

that they have created, to bring joy and peace

and love and giving and sharing one to the other.

May they go past all of the appearances of it

and into the very basis of its beingness,

that the child, the Christ,

lies within the very womb of their souls

and is birthed only upon their request,

their calling it forth

their welcoming it into their arms of love.

My prayer this night, Father,

is that they would so welcome this child

that the eternal self of them might blossom

and grow to be known to them

as it is known unto You.

For this time with them, as always,

I give You thanks.

And so it is.

- Archangel Gabriel, AND SO IT IS, December 4, 1998, Pg. 132

Copyright © 2016 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved.

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