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"When a person chooses to leave the body through what I would term normal conditions, through illness or an accident or whatever, there never is a feeling of regret with that. But when one chooses to slay the body - and the body is all that is slain – the moment the slaying takes place, the spirit wants to enter back into the body and it can’t. The door is shut…. The regret for such souls is wrenching, It is terrible. They think they are going to kill themselves to get rid of their troubles. Oh, no. Their troubles are just beginning…

Most of those who seek to end their physical life feel they cannot change… Speak to them on another level. I do not mean physically speak to them. You can, if they are receptive to it. But if they are not, mentally tune in to their mental body and tell them that they do not need to repeat this act of self destruction; there is nothing to be gained. Lift them in light, pray for them, all of these things help. Prayer is always a way of reaching through to them.

I would suggest picturing the person as a child of God held lovingly in the arms of the Father-Mother, known and loved by the Christ, lifted into the light of truth and understanding. Just always tell the person to go to and hold to the light. To follow the light and go past the situation. To listen to that silver voice. Most of the time, such individuals will succeed in doing those things.”

- Archangel Gabriel, SUICIDE, January 24, 1994, Pgs. 23-25. Copyright © 1994, Sacred Garden Fellowship. All rights reserved.

Image by Baggeb 5104941 from Pixabay.

NOTE FROM BLOGGER: Usually I share uplifting quotes and messages, However, again and again, I was strongly directed to share this message about suicide. Surely someone out there needs to hear this information. This SGF Suicide booklet deals with the subject thoroughly. I highly recommend it. If interested in the booklet, please contact:

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