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Personal Magnetism

"Know how when you take two magnets and try to put them together, if you don't have the right end with the right end, they go apart? Well, the same is true with the magnetism from your chakras. If you interfere with that by negativity, defeat thoughts, fears thoughts, I'm-just-too-tired-to-be-bothered thoughts, you're twisting the magnets. Instead of working together, they pull apart. When they pull apart, you become physically ill, or you become depressed, or feeling defeated, overwhelmed, can't-win, why-bother, and all manner of negativity.

So, to eliminate that, first of all, it is best to not have it occur in the first place. But should it occur, you have to be willing to sit down and look at what you are projecting outward. What in your power center are you sending forth that would cause these magnets to turn the wrong way? You will find it is an old pattern of belief, in which you are not good enough, not smart enough, not tall enough, not something enough, or that you, as the Great Angel once said, 'Are you enjoying your miseries?'"

05/15/2024 Blog. Ascended Master Stella, HARMONIZING OUR MAGNETIC ENERGIES, November 11-13, 2011. Pgs. 9-10. Copyright © 2011 Rev. Penny Donovan. Photo Copyright Allihays - All rights reserved.

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