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Peace to Men of Earth

"Know you that in war-torn countries Christmas is a day of truce? How sad there is only one day of truce. You cry out for peace. You ask and you pray and the only peace that you will find lies within your own hearts. "When two or more are in agreement," the Christ said, "there I am in the midst of them." Know you what this means? It means that when two hearts can love enough to behold the God within each other and themselves, they are in At-one-ment, and in that At-one-ment there is peace and it begins with you. And the two of you become four and six and eight, until finally it is all around the earth. And then, what we sang so long ago, peace to men of earth, will become a reality. We send it out. We bathed it around the earth."

- Archangel Gabriel, I AM GABRIEL, BOOK 1, 1987, Pgs. 94-95

Copyright © 2015 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved.

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