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Open Your Eyes

"Two people who love one another...they take a living thing and in the name of love, they pull its petals and one says , 'He loves me,' and the other says, 'She loves me not.' And all of the beauty and the beingness is torn apart and lay upon the ground without a thought. But then you say, 'I must go and meditate.' Do you ever meditate upon the petals of a flower that you have torn apart...? In your hands you hold life. You hold it in flower form. You hold it in creature form. The creatures are your responsibility, you know. You made them. You hold it in the form of one another and as truly as you tear apart a flower, you tear apart the beingness of life. You tear apart your planet... and you wonder, 'Why do things not go well for me?...' Because you do not revere what you have. ...I have come to open your eyes, to make you see that life in every form is a precious and integral part of you."

07/11/2023 Blog. I AM GABRIEL, Book 1, 1987, Pg. 42. Copyright © 2015 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. Photo from K. Romani. To buy this book, please click here.

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