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New Year Blessings

"Eternal Light, who knows neither time nor space, wrap Thyself around these beloved ones who seem to dwell in the illusion of limitation, who mark their years, theirs days, their hours. Cause them to recognize that changes come by You because You love them, that they have the right to take this energy that You send with profound love and use it according to their desires.

Implant in them the desire to use it only for good, and help them to be released from the bondage of error perception, for then can this new year, as they perceive it to be, open the doors to abundance, to life, to love, to peace, for this, Father God, is what they seek, and yet it is what they flee from.

Grant them wisdom that they might know. Grant them power that they might do. And grant them love that they might understand.

So be it."

01/02/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, AND SO IT IS, “Your Pivotal Year 1995,” January 1, 1995, Pgs. 67-68. Copyright © Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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