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Manifesting Joy

"How many of you have had something happen suddenly – what you would call unexpectedly – in your life and the first thing you think is that there is something negative about it? You do, don’t you? You play over in your mind what could go wrong and probably will. It doesn’t occur to you to think, ‘Oh all right. I hadn’t planned on this. However, I do have control so therefore I shall plan this very joyously and whatever the outcome is, it will be a happy one.’ There are many such simple things that you can do each day in your lives to manifest the unspeakable joy with which you were created and expressing yourself joyously, lovingly is how you do it. It is how yo begin.”

04/11/2023 log. Archangel Gabriel, KNOWING ABSOLUTE JOY, Pg. 17. Copyright © 1998 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved.

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