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Love in the Spirit World

"Love is experienced differently here than in physical form. Here love is of the spirit; on earth it is of the emotions. Over here we feel love in our heart-mind and no passion in our groin area. Unless you go to the very low astral you cannot feel hatred, only love and acceptance. Because no emotions are involved, this purifies the love and it is true love as opposed to 50% love and 50% desire/fear. Fear is at least half of all earth love - no fear here. So there is no mistaking passion for love.

So you see love is love, it is not just an emotional experience. True love is a deep, abiding affection that does not fade with time, distance, nor circumstances. Love grows and does not lessen in power or strength. Love is. - Love you.-"

02/17/2023 Blog. T.V.C., MOONLIGHT WISDOM - Night Lessons from My Teachers, February 1, 2018, Pg. 71. Copyright © 2018 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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