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Learning from Soul Memory

"Yeshua: When you keep the learning experience, you just take in the lesson you learned from that experience but you don't have to keep the experience in your mind.

Participant: Okay, so if I experience something and I say, 'Okay, soul memory, please delete that,' and I don't know what to ask it to put in place of it, so I just say, '...and replace it with the truth.' Is that good enough?

Yeshua: That's good enough.

Participant: Okay, and I can...say (to my soul memory), 'Bring to me a memory of yada yada,' and it will be there.

Yeshua: It will only bring you something that you could use currently. It will not bring you something just to wander through memory lane."

08/31/2023 Blog. Master Yeshua, LAYERS & ASPECTS OF GOD, Pgs. 28-29. Copyright © 2018 Rev. Penny Donovan and Donald Gilbert. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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