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Going to the 5th Dimension

"When you meditate. Ask to be guided to the fifth dimension and your guides and helpers will take you there. Now, will you see wonderous things? No. You won’t see anything because there is no form there.

What will come to you is a depth of understanding – a situation that has beleaguered you or puzzled you will suddenly come clear to you, or you will find yourself saying things that you will wonder, “Where did that come from?” because they will be truths that you will speak. You will find your life evolving in such a way that you are happy in what you do, whatever it is you are doing. There will be a sense of love and acceptance toward whomever you are with. no matter who you’re with."

07/08/2024 Blog. Master Teacher Ava, EXPLORING THE FIFTH DIMENSION, September 29, 2012, Pgs. 17. Copyright © 2012 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. Photo copyright © Rfischia - To buy this booklet, contact:

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