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Dispelling Karma

"Participant: Is there anything that you can do to dispel that Karma, other than the big word 'forgiveness' and forgiving yourself?

Gabriel: That is about the only way to do it. What you might ask, Beloved Woman, is 'What is the gift in this situation, that appears to be traumatizing to me? Surely, it has not come to harm me. It has come to bless me. Help me to see the blessing in this!' And then to release it and let it go!...

Participant: That's easier said than done!

Gabriel: Well, if you practice at it, even if you must do it a thousand times a day... say to the situation, 'I release you and I let you go!' And again, as I say, ask the Holy Spirit to come and take the energy and transform it to good. But always ask that you learn, Beloved Woman, for once you have learned the lesson, then it is never repeated.

Participant: And that really is the basis of why we are to learn?

Gabriel: Indeed! Indeed."

03/25/2024 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, CONSCIOUSLY PLANNING YOUR LIFE, September 24, 1994, Pgs. 60-61. Copyright 2016 Sacred Garden Fellowship. All rights reserved. To buy this book, please click here.

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