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Detecting the Ego

“But when you go to make a grand purchase where there is borrowing, know you how you wait by your telephones to find out whether or not someone else is going to decide if you should have it or not? Now, you do a very similar thing with your ego. You make your plans, and then you wait to see and you hope that these will come forth. And the moment that you start hoping instead of knowing, you have placed your future and all of its gain in the hands of your ego, because the ego is the only one that will sit there and say, ‘Well, now, let me see. Shall I do it or not? Shall I let them have this or not?’ for the God of you will let them ever have whatever you want. And when you are in doubt as to whether or not something should be yours, you are dealing with your ego. It is that subtle…

When you go forth and you say, ‘Ah, I shall do thus-and so,’ and you know it and you do it and there is no doubt in your mind whatsoever, then the ego has no part in it.”

- Archangel Gabriel, THE EGO, Pgs. 10-11. Copyright © 2019 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved.

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