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Being Fearful vs. Facing Fear

Participant: ...I've learned quite a bit today, especially in the area of unconditional love for oneself. I'm aware now that there are areas where we don't love ourselves, but being able to recognize those areas is the problem. I think there are many, many times when we walk around in this 'fog'

Gabriel: You should get a flashlight!

Participant: We know there is a problem but we can't even ask the question because we don't know what the question is. Yet, we know there is a problem there. What can we do? ... Wait?

Gabriel: No. A simple prayer, 'Father let me become aware of your love.' That prayer will reveal to you, beloved woman - as you are able to accept and understand each unfoldment of this shadowy something - what you cannot quite perceive [and identify]. And when it is all revealed to you, you will find it is one single thing - the illusion of fear. It will wear many guises, I am sure, but it is only one thing.

Participant: ...Sometimes, it appears that the best thing to do is to be compassionate and allow oneself to be fearful. It seems that way.

Gabriel: The only value of allowing yourself to be fearful is that it gives you a momentary feeling of safety because if you are being afraid, it is safe for you not to move. Now, facing your fear and allowing yourself to be fearful are two different things:

When you allow yourself to be fearful, you are hiding. You are not willing to look at the fear. You are running from it.

When you face your fear, you turn around and you say, 'I am a Child of God, I am God becoming. Therefore, there is nothing for me to fear. I have no business with you, fearful thought, because you cannot do anything to me...ever.'"

02/25/2024 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, GETTING TO KNOW YOUR SOUL, Pgs. 134-135. Copyright © 2004 Springwell Metaphysical Studies. All rights reserved. To buy this book, please click here.

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