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Astral Travel

Questioner: What do we do up there (i.e. on the astral plane)?

Gabriel: It depends on the individual. When you return and wake up instantly, then is when you usually feel fatigued. When you return and abide in your body a little bit before you consciously wake your brain up, then you feel more rested. Come back earlier.

The thing is, a lot of you go off to school, to places of learning. Beloved entity goes off healing all over the world. He has been to Bosnia. He has been all over the place. You go off teaching. There are new souls who arrive from the earth plane completely confused, having had no conscious belief of anything past earth life. Then when they first pass over. they are really very confused. Alot of you go and talk to groups of them and explain to them what has happened. You help them to find where they want to go.

So there are a lot of things that you do. Some of you go visit relatives who live at a distance. Some of you go and make plans for your next lifetime, as you perceive it to be. You gather with others, and you say, 'Well, shall we do thus and so?' 'Yes, indeed,' and so forth. Then you come back. You do all manner of things. Whatever you care to do, you do. You go off and about.

Some of you go and visit other planets, although I don't think anyone in this group is of that mind. There is a certain energy with that, and I don't feel it in this room.

So, I don't feel any of you are engaged thusly. But you go off and do many things. You visit with people who have crossed over, as you call it, to see how they are doing and so forth.

Questioner: Are there any times when we just rest?

Gabriel: You body always just rests. But no, the spirit of you is very active, always off and about, that is why sometimes a fledgling medium will see someone who is still alive, as you call it, and not understand why they do that. That is because the person is asleep and is visiting. But you go off visiting all over the place.

Beloved woman over there goes and plays with her little grandbaby a lot. Beloved woman goes off with wild horses. She goes frequently where wild horses are. So, you go all over the place, everywhere.

Questioner: So, when we dream of relatives that have passed over, does it mean we have been with them?

Gabriel: You have been with them, you visited them. They have shown you their abodes and things they are creating and so forth. Lots of things.

Questioner: In this life, on this plane, will we come to remember these things, ever?

Gabriel: As you go, you will remember them more. As you go, you all will realize how very much you are in the spirit world, more than you know that you are. After a bit, you will realize you are more in the spirit than you are on the earth, but right now, it doesn't seem that way to you. But it will come to that where you will realize. Beloved woman finds it very easy to shift gears, as we call it, and go up.

That is why she has a lack of memory. She gets concerned. She is always asking me, 'Do I have Alzheimers (sic)?' I say to her, 'No, Beloved woman, there is nothing wrong with your brain. Why?' 'Well. I can't remember anything.' It is because she is not here. She is always off and about somewhere. So, of course, she doesn't remember anything."

02/18/2024 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, DISENTANGLEMENT & DISCERNMENT, April 2, 1996, Pgs. 34-37. Copyright © 2016 Sacred Garden Fellowship. All rights reserved. To buy this booklet, please contact:

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