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"Participant: Gabriel, I'd like to go into the Bible. Are we going to have Armageddon...the last great battle, or is that passe now?

Gabriel: No. The battle is already in process... it is the battle of the old way trying to hang on to itself, as the new way comes in. It is a kind of a thing which the consciousness of humankind has to be lifted up. The battle is in getting the consciousness up. There isn't going to be an actual, physical battle.

Getting the people to raise their consciousness is not easy. People tend to think, 'Well, we're always done it this way, therefore we can't do it any other way,' and that isn't true! But, letting go of old concepts, especially religious concepts, is one of the most difficult things for humankind to do. They are afraid to let go.

'What if, what it...what if God doesn't want me to believe that way...what if God doesn't want me to believe this way?' There is no religion upon your earth, which is a true religion. All of them have truths in them, but ...all religion is, is man's concept of what God is. True spirituality is what God knows you to be. So, the difference religion, is simply a matter of your concept of what you think God is.

...There is truth in all religions, however man's fears coat over that truth. Now you have to remember, Beloved woman, at the time of what you call your Old Testament, the people were a very ignorant people. They were new to the idea of there being ONE God, for they had the god of thunder and the God of the harvest and God of the goat herd and the God of this and the God of that!

For them to come into the realization that there was a single God who did not require sacrifice, who only wanted you to love one another and to love God, was a whole new concept that was very difficult for them. They were a people who were very physical and action was something they could relate to, in terms of God.

Prayer and meditation was a very nebulous thing they were not sure of. To pray to them was to lament and to pound their fists into the ground and to carry on in a physical way. So, their idea of God, was... in other words, they made God in their image and instead of recognizing that God made you in his or her image. So, because they were a jealous people, because they were an ignorant people, their God took on the aspect that they had, rather than trying to find the truth of God. God is not jealous...of what? Everything is already created...everything came from God, so what is there to be jealous?

Participant: ...Is there, then, anything here on earth...any such a thing as a holy text...a sacred word in print...a Holy Book? Many people consider the Bible to be unassailable truth...a Holy Book.

Gabriel: No. It is a history of the people. It is an expression of mankind's evolvement. It is the the New Testament...that a man named Jesus came to teach concerning the Christhood of humankind. Is there a pure text? I would say 'NO. At this point upon your earth, it is not.' "

04/28/2024 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, CONSCIOUSLY PLANNING YOUR LIFE, September 24, 1994, Pgs. 57-59. Copyright © 2016 Sacred Garden Fellowship. All rights reserved. To buy this book, please click here.

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