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Angels and Truth

"Now, angels work with truth - pure, clear, silver truth. That's what they use. That is the power they have. ...When you say, 'Father, I desire greatly to know the answer to this and I am open to receive,' angels praise God and run around and get everything ready for you because now you're going past human limitation. You are entering into the realm of Truth, which is pure... you have no concept of the purity of truth. It is immeasurable by your terms. Truth will cut like a knife through error perception. It will shine light into the darkest places and it will bring love where love has never been before."

04/28/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, ANGELS, SPIRIT GUIDES & OTHER BEINGS, Pgs. 166-167. Copyright © 2017 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To buy this book, please click here.

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