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Using Your Tools

"I am trying to point out to you that these things, the Christ’s love, are very real and they are part of your Spiritual Self. Now you can name it Christ. You can call it anything you want and please don’t confuse Christ with the man, Jesus. Jesus came and expressed the Christ. But the Christ is just as strongly in you, as it was in him. The difference being… that he knew how to live it and you are learning how to live it!

He took charge of his life, and you are learning how. Nothing happened to him that he did not give permission for, just as nothing happens to you that you do not give permission for. You might say, ‘Well, I don’t ever remember giving permission to so-and-so to make my life such a misery.’ Well, you did! On another level, you asked that person to come into your life and make it miserable; you decided you needed that lesson, for whatever purpose.

All of the things, the tools that have been handed down through eons of time to humanity, only minute particles of each have been taken and embraced and used! Always, they are misconstrued. Jesus never meant to start a new religion. He was a very fine Jew. His purpose was to teach the people of his day and time, and of all humanity to come, the value of loving, forgiving, and rising above. And not the least of which was the fact he proved there was no death!

...The point I want to make to you is that ever have these tools been available to you and ever have you coated them over with something else. Sometimes they were named religions… that’s how Christianity came to be.

Paul and Peter are responsible for Christianity. Now the thing is that you are coming fast into a time on your earth in which you are going to need to be very centered in the God self of you! It isn’t going to matter what religious background you have. That isn’t going to matter. And the story I am about to tell you, to illustrate that, is a true story. This is an actuality.

When Judas chose to betray Christ, it was because it was decided long before either of them came to the earth, that Judas would be the one to do it, because somebody had to. Judas said, ‘Well then...I will.’ So, he took it upon himself to seemingly to betray Christ. Because Judas became so enthralled with his part, he forgot in his consciousness, that that was what he chose to come to do, and so therefore, when he realized what he had done, he took his own life.

Now when he reached the spirit world, it wasn’t long after, that the Master Jesus arrived and Judas looked up, and there stood the Master Jesus. Judas was terrified...great fear, terror overtook him. And he thought, ‘I must flee from this person, what will he do to me? I cannot bear for him to see my awful guilt!’ And so, Judas tried to run from the Christ.

But Jesus knew that Judas was not guilty of anything and so the Master sent out a web of love. It caught Judas and pulled him to him, and the Master Jesus took Judas in his arms, and he held him, and he loved him until all of the pain was gone.

Now I ask you, Beloveds, what could you do that would equal betraying the Christ? What awful deed could you commit? …The point I am making is: the only thing that is compared to what Judas did, is your denial of the God within you, your denial of the power you have in your own lives, to create! And your refusal to think that you are good enough to claim to be a child of God and to live it. Sin is an idea of the human mind, it is that which you have named to designate your separation in consciousness from God.

God does not feel you ever left. God does not feel you have ever done anything wrong. God feels that his love, its love for you is greater than anything of an error perception, that you could possibly create and act out. You are holy, acceptable, just as you are in this very moment in time, to God. Because everything that you perceive to be less than what he would accept, is only real in your mind and no further.

Now I know some of you are thinking, ‘What about these people who go and slay people. What about the Hitlers of the world and so forth?’ This applies to all of them! That does not mean what Hitler did was right. It doesn’t mean that slaying another is okay. It doesn’t mean that harming another, any living thing, is alright. It only means that it is part of the error perception, part of the make-believes that the personality of you has created, and it is a learning tool.”

10/15/2023 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, CONSCIOUSLY PLANNING YOUR LIFE, Erie, PA, 9/24/1994, Pgs. 72-75. Copyright © 2016 Sacred Garden Fellowship. All rights reserved.

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