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Spiritual Growth

"The average person has multiple opportunities presented to them every day for spiritual attainment. For example, the way you react to someone who bumps into you and says, 'Why don't you get out of my way!' or 'What are you doing in my way,' or something. You can retaliate with 'Well, I was here first!' or you can simply say in your mind, 'Whatever is troubling you, beloved brother or sister, may you be blessed in your understanding.' Then, go on your way. Recognize that, that person bumped into you for the purpose of them being angry with themselves. These kinds of things every day [are little spiritual steps upward], not being angry with your physical form because it will not do what you want it to, not being angry with yourself because of any multitude of things for which you can become angry with yourselves - every one of you becomes angry with yourself every day - these are all little spiritual steps upward."

05/31/2024 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, GETTING TO KNOW YOUR SOUL, Pg. 141. Copyright © 2004 Springwell Metaphysical Studies. All rights reserved. To buy this book, please click here.

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