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Requirements for Meditation

"Now prayer is lifting and tuning in to your higher self. Meditation is the repose of prayer. Every aspect of you becomes still and you rest in absolute peace in God. You do not busy your mind with a mantra, you do not busy your vision with a candle flame or a rose; you do not busy your emotional body by trying to feel love; you do not busy your physical form by becoming aware of a cramp in your foot or where your leg is; you do not busy yourself at all. You become the receptacle of all that is and that requires absolute stillness.

Absolute stillness is never acquired by concentration because concentration is an action. Stillness is acquired in only one way – relinquishing your fear. Every concentrated thing you think about is based upon fear: fear of failure, fear of your health, fear of not touching into God, fear of not meditating right, fear of not having a wonderous psychic experience, fear of not hearing the voice of God when He is talking, fear of whatever.

When you relinquish and let go of your fear, you are relaxing into a state where you are open, receptive, and willing to receive whatever comes to you. You know that whatever comes to you has to be of the highest and the best because the source is the Father and the Father never gives a stone when you have asked for bread.

How do you become still? How do you not hear the little voice that says, ‘Perhaps I didn’t turn off the stove? I think I hear the cat outside and she wants to come in.’ What if, what if, what if?

When you are still, you have no fear that you have or have not done something. You have no concern over the physical aspects of your body because you know it rests in perfect peace. Your mind does not chase about thoughts and drag them back to present them to you with the accusation of, ‘See what you’ve done!’ or ‘See what you haven’t done!’ Your emotions do not twang at you with feelings of inadequacy or failure. Never brought to your remembrance is some slight that you did to a neighbor, some unworthy deed to a child.

None of these things enter your consciousness for you are resting in the totality of All-That-Is. And there you are being bathed in the endless love, the eternal wisdom, that unspeakable joy. You are not mindful of the clock for you know, in that receptive state, you are timeless. Time is only of the five senses…

You do not compare your meditation with that of another person for you are keenly aware that what transpires between you and the Father is uniquely yours and is no part of anything else, for that is the one time you have His undivided attention. He is pouring out blessings unto you and this is your moment with Him. It is like the child who climbs upon the lap of Daddy at the end of the day when everyone else has gone to bed and enjoys those moments of the father’s undivided love and comfort. That is meditation.

Meditation will bring you more than what your finite minds could comprehend for it will answer everything; it will soothe everything; it will love everything. It is not you loving, but you being loved; not your soothing, but you being soothed; not you comforting, but you being comforted; not you pondering, but you being fed. That is meditation.

Now, this takes practice for you are used to active meditation, are you not? You are and this is the most passive meditation there is. The key in it is your willingness to let go of your fears."

8/7/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, PRAYER & MEDITATION, Pgs. 88-91. Copyright © 2002 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please contact Sherry Snook at

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