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Out of the Blue

"Have you ever wondered why certain people come into your life at certain times? Have you ever wondered where, out of the blue almost, it seems a person will come who proves to be a dear and treasured friend? Equally so, out of the blue, comes a person who appears to be the devil incarnate. Have you not noticed that?

Now, that's God's plan, you know. That's God's plan. There is a reason for both of these people in your life. The dear friend is there to bolster you up, to give you strength, to support you, to make you know how much you are loved. Now the devil incarnate, on the other hand, is there... that is the one to treasure. The enemy is the one you treasure because therein lies the lesson. The friend is there for an arm around the shoulder, a pat on the back, a hug, a phone call. 'Are you all right? I want you to know I love you.'

But the enemy... there is the work of God afoot because how are you going to learn forgiveness if there be no one to present themselves to you to be forgiven? How do you learn to swim if you don't get in the water? You don't... You don't climb upon a horse to learn to swim, do you? No, indeed.

The one who teaches you the most is frequently the one who presents themselves in your life as the most trying person you have ever met. The one who offers you the biggest opportunity to forgive is the one who does everything you hate...

Now, forgiveness is the foundation, the deep, abiding, eternal foundation upon which is built the Sonship of God, which includes all people, because it is in forgiveness that you come to recognize, after a bit, as you forgive and as you grow and as you forgive and as you grow, you come to the point where you recognize there is nothing to forgive and there never has been. And when you come to that, guess what? You have forgiven yourself. You have forgiven yourself... I want you to really bring into your awareness as to what the meaning of my words have to you.

... When you forgive someone, that does not mean you condone their actions or their words, as the case may be... It has nothing to do with that. What it does have to do with is your realization that no one can do anything to you that you have not invited them to do.

Now you might think, 'I would never have invited that so-and-so to do what he did.' On another level you have. Now, here is what you must understand. Every single person in your life, whether it be a relative, friend, acquaintance, neighbor, employer, employee - doesn't matter - every single person in your life is there because you invited them, just as they invited you into their experience. It's a two-way street, you know. And you are doing to them - whether it be good or ill - it doesn't matter - you are doing to them exactly what they invited you to do for the purpose of the experience of forgiving.

Now, why is forgiveness so important? Because it is your only way home. It is your only way back to where you know you are loved by God, to where you know you are the Christ... The Christ is a state of consciousness which the man Jesus attained to. He got to be there and this is what everyone else is in their journey doing also... is getting to be in that state of awareness... Being aware in the Christ consciousness simply means that you see God in everyone, as well as in yourself, that you are aware that everyone who comes into your life is a potential Christ, just as you are a potential Christ."

9/4/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, INTRODUCTION TO PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY, Pgs. 99-103. Copyright © 2017 Rev. Penny Donovan All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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