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Making Decisions

"How many of you trust yourselves? You feel you're trustworthy? You feel if you decide to do something you can be depended upon to carry it through? Then why don't you? A lot of you don't, you know. And it comes back to your fear, your fear that maybe you were not right, maybe something else was better, maybe someone else could do a better job, maybe somebody else's opinion was correct and you were wrong. 'If it doesn't work, I'll be to blame. If it doesn't work, people are going to know I failed.' Those kinds of thoughts guarantee failure...

You have so much potential inside, you have no idea. There is no measurement of the potential that you contain, of the ability to go forth and do everything, but you limit yourselves by refusing to make a decision or refusing to stay with the decision. A decision is the foundation upon which you are building whatever it is you're trying to do. Whatever you are bringing forth is built upon your integrity and the integrity of that decision. And that is a grand truth.

This is an old habit, and you've all got them; new opportunity, and you've all got those. Now, we're going to talk about old habits and what they do to you...

Now, if you come from a line in your family where worry is the norm for the day - everybody has something to worry about or be concerned about or your mother or father is constantly worrying over something, even if it isn't over you - then you're going to grow up with the idea that worry is a part of life. That's what people do; they worry. And you will develop a habit of worrying, of being afraid...

Now worry or fear of any kind gets to be a built-in system in your consciousness. An old habit is like a stone. It is heavy, immovable, and quite frequently impenetrable depending on how strongly you feed energy into it.

Now a lot of you in this room will say, 'Well, I'm not going to worry about it,' but then you do. Or you think, 'Well, I can't do anything about it so I'm not even going to think about it,' but then you do. So what is happening is that the energy around you, you are pulling in and you are feeding this worry, this old habit...

Now this is true of any old habit - whether is be procrastination... impatience, losing your temper - it doesn't matter what it is.

Here is the key: When you know you are facing that old habit, stop yourself and say, 'I know this is the old habit exercising its energy and I shall not allow this. I am in command of my life and I am going to be patient (or the opposite of your old habit). I know this will come and bless me.'

Always remember that for you to change your mind, you have to change your mind and stay with the change. It comes back to making a decision and sticking with it. As long as you are flip floppy about your decisions, old habits are going to be in command of you, ever."

7/23/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, MANIFESTING, Making Decisions Manifest, March 6. 1998, Pgs. 157-164. Copyright © 2019 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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