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How to Recreate Yourself

"The spirit of you spins out these vibratory rates that create a type of personality... From those types of personalities come thought habits. It is from these thought habits that you form your way of life and your opinions. How you feel about something all comes from the same thought that has attracted other thoughts of its own kind.

Now that you know how it works and you want to change your thought habits, what happens to this universe that you have spinning around you of negative thoughts, fear thoughts, condemning thoughts, angry thoughts, poor-me thoughts, victim thoughts, nobody-loves-me thoughts? What does one do with all of that universe you have individually around you, with all of the things that you don't want? What do you suppose would be the method of ridding yourself of them and recreating what you do want...?

So, first of all, you change your thinking and you recognize that you have a Holy Spirit. First comes the desire to retrace your steps. There has to be the desire in you to return to your source. When you desire to return to your source, what happens? Instantly from the light there comes an energy . You cannot see it, but you will see the results of it. And in your absolute desire to return to your source, there comes the energy of the Holy Spirit.

You have to know this about the Holy Spirit. It is totally absolutely nonjudgmental. It doesn't say, 'I can't come and work with you because you were so naughty!' It doesn't judge anything you think, say, do, nothing like that. The Holy Spirit comes only upon request, your request...

The Holy Spirit works on an individual basis and comes directly to the individual whose desire calls it. When you call the Holy Spirit and you ask it to help you to go home in your consciousness, there is no hesitation. Immediately the Holy Spirit will begin working with you. with your cooperation, to reestablish in your consciousness your connectedness to God.

As soon as that begins, which is the moment that you say, 'Holy Spirit, please take me home,' what immediately happens is that all the little nooks and crannies of your life become exposed... to the holy light of the child of God which is in you.

You don't have to do anything for this. Your spoken desire is sufficient. Having done this, the Holy Spirit then exposes all of the error perceptions but not to you. You do not have to go back and relive your pain.

The light that your little nooks and crannies of imperfections are revealed to would be the only light that could heal them, forgive them, and allow you to recognize that they don't exist and that light would be the Christ. That is the only way that these misperceptions can be corrected. Now I am not talking about the man Jesus. I am going beyond that. I am talking about the Christ which is the love of God.

As your imperfections are revealed to the Christ, light, your thought patterns begin to change and where there was fear, there comes faith. Where there was hopelessness or despair, there comes a recognition of the potential of the spirit within you. Where there was unhappiness, there comes joy, Why? Because nothing is impossible to God and nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible to the working of the Holy Spirit."

- Archangel Gabriel, HOW THINGS COME TO BE, June 4, 1999. Pgs. 12-14. Copyright © 1999 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved.

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