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How Prayers Are Answered

“You all must enter into the power that is the Christ within you. Start today to feel it and accept it. When prayer is answered, it happens like this:

The idea of request arises out of a perceived need, which is presented to the consciousness as a realized fear of lack of something or loss of something. Since the vibration of fear is always erratic and not peaceful, the request vibrates only as far as the emotional body, where error usually rules.

There, truth is not known, for the emotional body sees only perception, and there it generates a response based on a belief system which is mostly steeped in the experiences of the past and/or appearances, so the energy of the answer is also drawn from fear. This produces blockage, which makes for more distress, and it appears that no answer is forthcoming or is so distorted that it seems the answer is not beneficial.

To pray with positive results, one must go above the appearances and certainly above fear, for only in that way can you be detached from the result. Then, the result is based not on fear but on the desire for truth, which is a correction of a belief. This pulls in energy based in truth, which always lifts the consciousness up even higher so that the lesson involved is learned, thus changing how the situation is perceived, and a detachment from the results is based on the knowing that despite appearances, everything is as it should be in truth.

By letting the power of faith or trust in the Father be the catalyst, only truth is realized and error cannot interfere. The results can be nothing short of a miracle, which is the natural answer to everything anyway. Practice this.

- Yeshua, HOW PRAYER IS ANSWERED, February 29, 2003. Copyright © 2019 Rev. Penny Donovan and Donald Gilbert. All rights reserved.

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