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How Loved You Are

“After the shepherds came, the word spread quickly. For that was their purpose, to go among the other Essenes and tell them the babe has come…is born. … And so, ere some harm come to the babe, for they were warned that there were those who would seek his life at a very early age. And so he was taken with his mother and with Joseph to a place of safety, actually right in the midst of Bethlehem… They stayed there as long as was necessary, until Mary became purified, for they followed closely the Jewish rites of their time.

For lo these two thousand and some years you have heard the birth of Christ over and over, and only now and then does someone truly has a true comprehension of its meaning. You are in the age now. You have come to the place in your time when the story must no longer be just a story but a reality. It has to become as real to you as any other truth that you can take into your being.

Children, the love that came forth in the form of the babe was the symbol of a truth that is the link to your knowingness. …You can listen to me or whoever, and until you come to know it, it will only be empty words. …You have got to start living.

When I told you they came to take Jesus and Mary and Joseph out of the cave for safety’s sake, this too had a symbolic meaning for you in your day, for if you do not protect the babe within you, there are… your own thoughts, your own doubts, your own fears – that seek its life.

When humankind was in its At-one-ment with the Father, it knew the Christ. It was the Christ. But fear entered in. In the creative imagination of humankind, they invented fear and fear clouded over the Christ essence, and it made it disappear to all appearances. It wasn’t gone. Now…fear is being met face-to-face. Fear is an illusion. It has no reality other than what you give it. The only truth that is, is life and light and love and goodness; and anything and everything contrary to it is your imagination.

…When I say imagination, I do not mean it does not exist. What I mean is that it is not real in the realm of truth… ‘How do we bring forth this Christ?’ …It takes work. You have to work at it. …You begin by loving. You begin by not getting caught up in the vibrations of error.

The man who came to be the Christ, and the Christ are one. You, who came to be the Christ, and the Christ are one. Difference is he knew it and you don’t. How many thousands of year do you think that earth will celebrate Christmas with gifts, trees, Santa Claus...before earth comes in a unity of Christ?

…You cry out for peace. You ask and you pray and the only peace that you will find lies within your own hearts. …When two hearts can love enough to behold the God within each other and themselves, they are in At-one-ment, and in that At-one-ment there is peace and it begins with you. And the two of you become four and six and eight until finally it is all around the world. And then, what we sang so long ago, peace to men of earth, becomes a reality. We send it out. We bathed it around the earth.

How loved you are and how little you know it. How loved you are ere he would not have done it! How loved you are or you would not be here to learn and to grow and to be! All of you here, if you at this moment realized the Christ within you, the brilliance of the Light in this little place would be more than anyone else could look at. …Children, you are loved. You are here because you are loved. Let your light so shine. Go you into your Bethlehems. Find you the manger of your own ideals and truths. Bring your gifts.”

12/25/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, I AM GABRIEL, Book 1, 1987, Pgs. 88-93. Copyright © 2015 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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