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Divine Love

"Divine love is. It is all consuming. It is all encompassing. It is totally nonjudgmental. The sinner is loved as dearly as the saint. The thing is that divine love knows no object... Divine love is poured out equally, to everyone, all the time with no exceptions. Because divine love is nonjudgmental, it doesn’t see if you are doing something that you perceive to be wrong or unworthy. Divine love simply is.

But people take love and they make objects out of it. They love other people, mostly particular people. They love things. They love something more than something else. So that love, instead of being free-flowing and ongoing, becomes drawn into a form which limits that love…

Let us suppose that this room was suddenly filled with grandchildren of all ages… And you were put in here and someone said to you, ‘These are all grandchildren. Which ones do you want to love?’ Would you not seek out your own? Pretty much.

But suppose you knew you had grandchildren but had never met them. You are put in this room with all these grandchildren… Would you not run about the room hugging and holding and talking to everyone in there? Would you not try to find out, ‘What’s your daddy’s name?’… There would be a seeking on your part to find the object that you have poured out love to sight unseen… You have poured out love to this little someone... that you know has some connection to you.

You are all related, aren’t you? You all have one parent, don’t you? So, regardless of your nationality, your color, your sex, your age, or anything else, you are all related. This opens up the divine flow of love because now you aren’t going to love just one person or two people… You are going to recognize that you are related and you all are in love with each other. You all came forth from the same Source. Nothing separates you except your concepts of the differences there are.

This affects how you enter into the stream of consciousness. When you enter it limitlessly, when you recognize that love is ongoing, not limited, that it doesn’t have to have an object, then you become open to the inflow of divine love without conditions. When you do that, your life is affected. It is changed. Something else is added and something is taken away. What is added is the constancy, the flow, the awareness of God. What is taken away is limitation. You are no longer bound to love only one or two people. Now you are free to love everyone."

6/26/2022 Blog. Archangel Gabriel, HOW YOUR LIFE AFFECTS GOD, October 3, 1997. Pgs. 15-17. Copyright © 1997 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved.

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