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Angel Tears

“Miriam, please remember this lesson… It is needed to fully understand the physical world and to awaken to true spirituality.

Before God created All That Is, He was alone and He wanted there to be an expression of Himself. So He brought forth the blessed Angels and placed in them the understanding of His Will, and the Angels fell in love with His Will. They desired to do His Will. They saw the depth and endlessness of His attributes and encouraged Him to give form to the thoughts, ideas and abilities He had.

So from His boundless love, He created heaven where the Angels dwelt in glory. Next came the elements of the earth from which all form does spring. Then came the minerals, the plants and trees. Next the insect world, animals, fishes, and birds. From this there arose a deep love and caring for all these things which awakened the female energy of God and it was called Mother Nature because it nurtured the many diverse offspring of God; these creations were His children, they are first spirit and He gave them consciousness that they may know and value the life in themselves. Thusly came the Law of Self Preservation. For they are good in the sight of God. And they all interacted with each other that they may fulfill their purpose.

God saw that a more complex being was needed, one that could express God more fully. So God created man in His image and likeness. God placed deep inside man wisdom that man might know, and love that man might feel, and mind that man could understand. Then He gave to man Free Will that he could create. All of those were formed from Spirit that man could be eternal, and God gave man a soul in order that man could remember and learn from his experiences.

God did not constrain man from creating anything; He allowed man to create negativity that man would know pain so he would develop compassion for all life that suffered in any way, as well as compassion for his own kind.

So the earth that God made in goodness and light became evil and dark by man’s own doing. Man forgot he came from God and thought himself to be self-created. He saw love and kindness to be weakness and useless. Power became man’s goal.

The Angels saw man fall from grace and they wept for man’s loss of glory. So the Angels descended into man’s world of darkness and sorrow to work to restore man to his memory of how sacred and wonderous and good he was made. And to this day, the Angels work on man’s behalf and they still weep at his ignorance. Their tears fill the universe but man only sees their tears as stars. But God and the blessed Angels know better. And so it is. Peace.”

Yeshua, MOONLIGHT WISDOM, November 4, 2017, Pgs. 59-60. Copyright 2018 Rev. Penny Donovan. All rights reserved. To purchase this book, please click here.

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