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"The first Holy Law is Love."

"Love does not force or bind, nor does it go contrary to the joy of the spirit. It does not possess. Its hand is powerful, gentle, compassionate, and comforting. Love is the eyes of the heart and the portals of the spirit. Love does not recognize race, color, wealth, power, politics, age, religious creeds, nor the laws of man. Love pours itself out indiscriminately on life in all of its diversities; it does not ask how long or how much.

Love recognizes no boundaries and will go willingly wherever it can be given, even when it is not received. It does not question motive or look for unseemly things. Rather it graciously accepts what is returned to it and blesses in its passing. Love is the understanding smile, the gentle tear when there are no words to express a depth of feeling from the heart.

Love is strength in adversity, potential health in sickness, light in the darkness. It is that something that causes one to go on when all seems lost. It is the soft comfort of the memory of someone far away. It is the promise of life in the presence of death. It is the peace to which we cling in the midst of chaos. It is the Law that unites all living things with their Creator.

Love is eternal; it is the presence of God in man. Love is God."

Solomon, LOVE, August 27, 2003. Copyright © 2003 Rev. Penny Donovan and Donald Gilbert. All rights reserved.

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