Spiritual Energy Healing Certification Program

SGF’s Spiritual Energy Healing Certification Program is designed to educate students in the teachings of SGF, familiarize them with the presence of divine energies, have them practice and experience healing through both receiving and performing spiritual energy healing, and mentor/guide them towards becoming a wise, compassionate, and competent spiritual energy healer.


Spiritual energy healing is a practice whereby the healer raises their awareness to open to the presence of God within and calls forth the same in the person being healed (healee) for the purpose of assisting the healee in removing the cause of physical, mental, or emotional blockages and/or dis-ease states. The process, as taught by Master Teachers through Rev. Penny Donovan, includes setting clear intent, prayer, light hands-on-healing, and remote healing.

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Students must submit an application for enrollment in SGF’s Spiritual Energy Healing Certification Program, along with a $35 application fee. Once accepted, the following is required to receive certification:

  1. Study ALL of the materials listed in the full Program description. For a minimum of twelve books/audio recordings from the list, submit a summary for each (250-word minimum) that includes a reflection on the material and a description of how the information will be incorporated into your healing practice. Summaries are required for those materials indicated with an asterisk *.

  2. Attend a total of seven Sacred Garden Fellowship weekend retreats, which include Healing retreats, Intensive retreats, or Introspective retreats. Following each retreat, students must submit an essay (250-word minimum) reflecting on each retreat and what they gained from it. Students must attend at least one Intensive or Introspective weekend retreat to meet the requirements.

  3. While enrolled in the Program, complete forty documented spiritual energy healings using the principles learned in the SGF material and at SGF retreats.

  4. While enrolled in the Program, successfully complete a minimum of six mentoring sessions per year with a designated Program mentor to discuss essay submissions, progress, and questions.

  5. Meet with a retreat mentor during weekend retreats to discuss questions, experiences, and progress.

  6. Complete an exit interview with a designated Certificate representative.

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The cost of the SGF Spiritual Energy Healing Certification Program for new students is as follows:

  1. Certificate application fee – $35 (due at time of application);

  2. The cost of attending the required seven retreats (due two weeks prior to the start of each retreat);

  3. Administration fee – $195 per year while enrolled in the Program (due one month after application and annually thereafter until Program is completed);

  4. Program mentor fee – $100 per session (minimum six per year while enrolled in the Program and payable at the time of sessions);

  5. Retreat mentor group meetings during retreats – $30 per session (payable at the time of the meetings);

  6. Books, audio recordings, and any supplies are the responsibility of the student; and

  7. Final certification documentation and exit interview – $75.

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  1. Uphold good ethical standing and follow the SGF Certified Spiritual Healer’s Code of Ethics/Standards of Practice;

  2. Attend at least two Sacred Garden Fellowship weekend retreats per year; and

  3. Certificates are valid for a length of two years from the date received. Each healer is responsible for renewing their certificate by the expiration date to remain active. Renewal fee is $75.

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Once healers have met all the Program requirements and officially receive the designation as a Sacred Garden Fellowship Certified Spiritual Energy Healer, they can apply for ordination through the Church of Sacred Healing. Note that ordination is solely for the purpose of conducting spiritual energy healing and does not include spiritual mentoring, guidance, or counseling. See the Church of Sacred Healing for more information or to apply for ordination.