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These weekend spiritual healing retreats give participants an opportunity to look deeply within themselves, to explore subconscious belief systems, soul memories, and other barriers in order to become totally healthy and consciously aware of At-one-ment with The Creator. The weekends are small, simple, and sacred with opportunity for each individual to receive feedback, coaching, and hands on healing.


Retreats provide a safe, loving environment that encourages peaceful introspection and compassionate participation in the group process.  Each retreat is uniquely tailored to the needs of those present and Spirit never fails to provide pleasant surprises that create a rich learning experience.  

Attendees will leave with:

  • An awareness of the source of any dis-ease on the mental, emotional, and/or physical levels;

  • An increased understanding about how to use the God within to heal the self;

  • An experience of living in a community of love without judgment; and

  • Practical ideas about how to enrich your daily spiritual practice. 

See our Announcements or Calendar for upcoming weekend spiritual healing retreats.

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Facilitated by Don Gilbert (MSW) and Adriene Nicastro-Santos (MS), these workshops are designed for serious spiritual seekers to focus on and resolve the entrenched ego-based personality patterns that sabotage our best effort at spiritual growth. Each participant will identify their beliefs, feelings, and behavior system that have caused the blockage in their progress. Group process and individualized private sessions will release the past with spiritual power and compassion. Participants will leave with a personalized relapse prevention plan that will help to maintain the momentum established during the workshop. See our Announcements or Calendar for upcoming psycho-spiritual weekend introspective workshops.

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SGF holds occasional one-day workshops relating to spirituality, healing, and personal growth through deep introspection. See our Announcements or Calendar for upcoming workshops.

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Generally facilitated by Rev. Penny Donovan and Donald Gilbert (MSW), SGF's online webinars offer a chance to learn and discuss spiritual truths from the comfort of your own home. Rev. Penny and Don are wonderful facilitators who bring a lifetime of spiritual growth, teaching, healing, counseling, and experience to their discussions. And it's always possible (and a great treat!) that a master teacher may decide to channel through Rev. Penny and give a timely lesson to those attending. See our Announcements or Calendar for upcoming webinars.


Join us in the ethers for a brief meditation on Thursdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 7:00pm (with SGF Board member Margaret Lassiter) to bring healing to Mother Earth and to those in positions of power and influence.


Spiritual energy healing is a practice whereby the healer raises their awareness to open to the presence of God within and calls forth the same in the person being healed (the healee) for the purpose of assisting the healee in removing the cause of physical, mental, or emotional blockages and/or dis-ease states. This kind of healing, as taught by master teachers through Rev. Penny Donovan, includes setting clear intent, opening to the higher energies, prayer, and light touch, although touch is not necessary as remote healing is also possible.

SGF’s Spiritual Energy Healing Certification Program is designed to educate students in the teachings of SGF, familiarize them with the presence of divine energies, have them practice and experience healing through both receiving and performing spiritual energy healing, and mentor/guide them towards becoming a wise, compassionate, and competent spiritual energy healer.

Click Program for the requirements and other details.