Since 2015, SGF has published or re-published a number of individual lessons and collections by Rev. Penny Donovan based on the teachings she received and communicated as a channel for master teachers. Click on the book images below for details or to purchase (in the US), or click here to go to Rev. Penny Donovan's author page on to view all books. Most recently published books are at the bottom.

I AM GABRIEL 1987 front cover.jpg
I Am Gabriel 1988 front cover.jpg
Introduction to Practical Spirituality f
And So It Is front cover.jpg
Christ Becoming front cover.jpg
Angel book front cover.jpg
Moonlight Wisdom front cover.jpg
HEALING front cover.jpg
Layers & Aspects of God front cover.jpg
The Ego front cover.jpg
Love and the Ego front cover.jpg
Your Physical Forms and Your Ego front c
Manifesting front cover smaller.jpg


Sacred Garden Fellowship offers workshops, retreats, and publications that teach practical spiritual tools to help people successfully navigate and transform life's challenges. SGF is a nondenominational, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in upstate New York.

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