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Rev. Penny Donovan and Donald Gilbert started Sacred Garden Fellowship (SGF) in 2005. We offer retreats, workshops, and publications that teach people practical spiritual tools for transforming one's life. Rev. Penny channeled Archangel Gabriel and other master teachers for over 30 years.


Based in the Capitol region of New York, SGF is a nondenominational, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing spiritual truths. Our mission is to: 

  • Encourage all to become aware of and live from their God-Self

  • Offer opportunities to learn, teach, and heal

  • Preserve and disseminate the teachings of Yeshua, Archangel Gabriel, and other Master Teachers.

In 2005, the late Rev. Penny Donovan (1933-2020), a natural medium who has been in touch with spirit entities since childhood, and Donald Gilbert (a therapist, teacher, and healer with a Masters in Social Work), were instructed to initiate what eventually became known as the Sacred Garden Fellowship, formed to provide and sustain a spiritual home for those seeking light and truth.  Having known each other and having studied spiritual truths together for over three decades, Rev. Penny and Don began teaching and healing together in 2000 and began facilitating spiritual retreats for the public in 2004, which they continue to do today.

The two met in October 1987 when Archangel Gabriel began channeling through Rev. Penny during one of her services at the Trinity Temple of the Holy Spirit Church in Albany, NY. In Rev. Penny's words:

In October of 1987, my life changed drastically one Sunday.  I went to church – as I had done for the past twenty-three years – and as I went into my office to get my Bible I felt light-headed and dizzy.  The feeling passed as I went out to the lectern.


I remember saying to the congregation, "Before I give my talk, we have a meditation."  The last thing I remember was the meditation.  The next thing I knew, I was standing at the lectern with everyone standing up and applauding! I didn’t know what had happened.  The people were saying, "Oh wonderful! A teacher came."


It was during the next few days that the teacher revealed himself to me as being the Archangel Gabriel.  He said, ‘I will teach you things; and if you will follow and do them, they will change your life for the better.’


That was the beginning of the twelve years during which he channeled through me, teaching truths and providing spiritual guidance.  His teachings were simple and loving.  I watched the people in my congregation change, evolve, and grow.


Many times, he was challenged by me and others, though he never lost his temper.  He never was anything but loving and kind; and he never failed to have an answer to any question that was presented to him.  He was a very powerful, loving force in my life and in the lives of the people who came to hear him over the years.

Since then, Rev. Penny has channeled messages from ascended masters from many different spiritual traditions – Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Taoist, Druidic, etc. – with all being remarkably consistent in their teachings on how energy works and how we can learn to transform perceived challenges in our lives through love, compassion, and forgiveness. Through these Master Teachers – who include Archangel Gabriel, Yeshua (Jesus from the Bible), Nq-on Kar, Druid Master, Solomon, Stella, Makayla, and others – SGF now has over 400 lectures preserved that we are working on publishing so the public can be exposed to this timeless wisdom.


SGF offers workshops and weekend healing retreats that teach practical spiritual tools to help people successfully navigate and elevate their life. For more information on events, click here.

In addition, SGF publishes books and audio of lessons from Archangel Gabriel and other Master Teachers channeled by Rev. Penny Donovan. The books are available on Amazon.com.


In early 2019, SGF launched the SGF Spiritual Energy Healing Certification Program, a program designed to educate students in the teachings of SGF, familiarize them with the presence of divine energies, have them practice and experience healing through both receiving and performing spiritual energy healing*, and mentor/guide them towards becoming a wise, compassionate, and competent spiritual energy healer. SGF has affiliated with the Church of Sacred Healing (CSH) so that those who pursue and complete this Certificate Program can apply for ordination with the CSH.

*Spiritual Energy Healing is one of many energy healing modalities that use the God-energy within us. 


Our Board of Directors is a group of dedicated spiritual seekers, healers, and teachers who work tirelessly to bring SGF's mission to life.

Donald Gilbert, MSW

Board Chair, retreat facilitator, healer, counselor

Brandon Jopko

Board Vice-chair, healer, teacher

Steve Rudnick

Board Treasurer, healer, coach


Margaret Lassiter

Board Secretary, healer, astrologer


Jessica Gilbert

Board Member, healer, educator

Sherry Snook

Board Member, healer, nurse

Randee Hartz

Board Member, healer, educator

Dot McCarthy

Board Member, healer


The SGF Board has many project ideas but minimal resources at this time to carry them out. That said, below are some projects we are working on and would like to devote more resources to (both human and financial). If you would like to donate to help us in these endeavors, please click here.

  • Digitizing all the recorded audio from the lessons from the master teachers channeled through Rev. Penny Donovan over the past three decades. Many have been digitized but there are hundreds left to do.​

  • Continue to edit and publish individual lessons and compilations (both yearly and topical) of the teachings and make them more widely available.

  • Find a technology platform to make audio of the teachings more widely available, whether through a podcast, downloadable files, or other method.

  • Continue to produce and publish more videos of past channeled lectures, as well as share videos of current teachings, discussions, and commentary on spiritual topics.

  • Find and sustain a "spiritual home", a heart-centered, physical location where SGF can hold retreats, maintain an office and a store, and provide spiritual guidance, development, and encouragement to those seeking Truth.